Performance Health Assessment

Establish your baseline with a Performance Health Assessment, which challenges you to understand your current mental, physical and metabolic fitness.

Achieve your peak mental, physical and metabolic fitness with Cenegenics.

Before arrival at Our Center

A Cenegenics phlebotomist arrives at your home or work to collect blood for extensive detection of 87 different blood serum and urinalysis biomarkers. Your Cenegenics physician will have received and reviewed the lab tests taken a week or two before your appointment.

Your Assessment at Our Center

Upon arrival, your Performance Health Team will greet you and brief you on the day – generally a 4–6 hour evaluation where you will undergo a series of monitored assessments, including analysis of musculoskeletal and cardiopulmonary systems as well as functional and neurocognitive tests.

Throughout your visit, the results of each test and assessment are analyzed in real-time and reviewed with you in combination with the lab results to gain a thorough understanding of your overall health, hormone levels, and potential health risks.

Your Personalized Plan

Once the tests and assessments are complete, you and your physician have a detailed conversation regarding the results. This conversation addresses the lab work, in-center assessments as well as your lifestyle and optimal health objectives.

Your visit is concluded with a personalized, physician-designed plan that includes optimal nutrition, targeted nutraceuticals, ongoing fitness plans, and metabolic + hormonal optimizations as clinically indicated.